Are you  struggling to get started with your case reports? 

Many provisional psychologists put off writing case reports because they lack confidence, don’t know how to get started, or struggle to put the time aside in an already packed scheduled. Whatever the reason, this can create unnecessary angst and pressure and can even delay the completion of the internship.  If you are procrastinating over your case reports and need support to stay on track, this program has been designed with you in mind.

Meet Claire Trevitt

B.Sc. (Hons) Psych; Dip C.H;  MAAPi

Claire has been supervising provisional psychologists since 2006 and has facilitated supervisor training workshops and masterclasses.  Having completing the 4+2 pathway to registration herself, she understands the challenges of navigating this pathway, and the need for simple tools to facilitate the process.  

Claire has developed a range of resources to support provisional psychologists, and is known for her straightforward and practical approach to the internship tasks and competencies.  

She created this program to help provisional psychologists like you to be able to progress through your internship without unnecessary delay, allowing you to spend your supervision sessions focussing on competency development and supporting your clients.

Here's what you'll see inside the course:

    1. Case Report Requirements

    2. Day 1: Choose your case

    3. Day 2: Get started

    4. Day 3: Differential diagnosis

    5. Day 4: Diagnosis

    6. Day 5: Presenting issue

    7. Day 6: Relevant history

    8. Day 7: Preliminary assessment

    9. Day 8: Observations (MSE)

    10. Day 9: Assessment Findings

    11. Day 10: Case Formulation

    12. Day 11: Evidence based theories

    13. Day 12: Recommendations/Intervention

    14. Day 13: Evaluation and personal reflection

    15. Day 14: References, proofread and submit to your supervisor

    16. Submitting your case report to AHPRA

Case Report Challenge

  • $97.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

The Case Report Challenge includes...

  • An overview of the purpose and requirements of AHPRA case reports

  • A blueprint for writing your first (and subsequent) case reports

  • Daily video presentations covering different sections of the report

  • Covers both assessment and intervention case reports

  • Templates and resources to make the process easier

  • Ongoing access to the content for the duration of your internship

I have some questions...

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    You'll have access to the program for two years, until you have finished your internship. If you are completing the internship part-time please contact us for an extension.

  • How much time will I need to put aside each day?

    It can take several hours to write a complete case report. It is recommended that you put aside approximately 30 minutes each day to complete the tasks required. Some days make take a little longer and other days may take less time.

  • Can I share the content with my colleagues who are provisional psychologists?

    If you think your fellow provisional psychologists would benefit from the content please feel free to tell them about the program, but they will need to enrol separately to get access to the content and materials. The enrolment fee is per person.