You became a provisional psychologist to help people - NOT to be overwhelmed by paperwork. 

Your internship is an important component of your journey to becoming a psychologist, but it can be hard to keep up with all the requirements, and you may feel confused about some of the tasks you need to complete. This is precisely why I created this program. 

Meet Claire Trevitt

B.Sc. (Hons) Psych; Dip C.H;  MAAPi

Claire has been supervising provisional psychologists since 2006 and has facilitated supervisor training workshops and masterclasses.  Having completing the 4+2 pathway to registration herself, she understands the challenges of navigating this pathway, and the need for simple tools to facilitate the process.  

Claire has developed a range of resources to support provisional psychologists, and is known for her straightforward and practical approach to the internship tasks and competencies.  

She created this program to help provisional psychologists like you to be able to move through your internship with ease and to streamline the supervisory process so you can spend your supervision sessions focussing on competency development and supporting your clients.

In this program you'll discover...

  • A complete how-to guide to get through your entire 2-year internship

  • Tools and templates to make your life easier throughout your internship

  • Straightforward guides to completing the written internship tasks

  • How to meet competency in psychometric testing

  • How to plan and structure your case reports

  • All your internship materials in one easy-to-use space

Here's what you'll see inside the course:

    1. Welcome

    2. Overview of the 4+2 program

    1. Making the most out of supervision

    2. Weekly Logbook (Record of Professional Practice)

    3. Logbook Template

    4. Reflective Practice Journal

    5. Reflective Practice Journal: Examples

    6. Professional Development

    7. Indirect Supervision

    8. How to stay organised

    1. Writing an Internship Plan - Introduction

    2. Competency 1: Knowledge of the Discipline

    3. Competency 2: Ethical, Legal and Professional Matters

    4. Competency 3: Psychological Assessment and Measurement

    5. Competency 4: Intervention Strategies

    6. Competency 5: Research and Evaluation

    7. Competency 6: Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

    8. Competency 7: Working with People from Diverse Groups

    9. Competency 8: Practice Across the Lifespan

    10. Sample Internship Plan

    1. Simulated Practice

    2. Direct Observation of Practice

    3. Preparing for Observation Sessions

    4. Assessment Observations

    5. Intervention Observations

    6. Sample Scripts and Consent to Record Client Sessions

    1. Ethical Dilemmas: Requirements

    2. Ethical Dilemmas: Template/Guide

    3. Ethical Dilemma: Example

    4. Practice with Diverse Groups Task

    5. Practice with Diverse Groups Task: Template/Guide

    6. Across the lifespan Practice Task

    7. Across the Lifespan Practice Task: Template/Guide

    8. Portfolio of practice documents

    1. Meeting competency in psychometric testing

    2. Cognitive and Memory Assessments

    3. Personality Assessments

    4. Other Psychometric Tests

    5. Psychometric Testing: Useful Links

4+2 Toolkit

  • $147.00
  • 55 lessons

You don't need to spend your supervision time trying to understand the internship requirements.

With this simple and straightforward guide you can save your valuable supervision hours for case discussion and competency development.

I have some questions...

  • What if I'm already halfway through my internship... would this program still be applicable?

    It depends. If you are falling behind or putting off some of the tasks because you are feeling overwhelmed or not sure what is required, then the content will be relevant and useful for you. If you have already completed many of the tasks but just need support with specific competencies then our supervision groups might be a better fit for you.

  • How long do I have access to the program?

    You'll have access to the program for two years, until you have finished your internship. If you are completing the internship part-time please contact us for an extension.

  • Can I share the content with my colleagues who are provisional psychologists?

    If you think your fellow provisional psychologists would benefit from the content please feel free to tell them about the program, but they will need to enrol separately to get access to the content and materials. The enrolment fee is per person.

  • Is there a discount if my organisation wants to enrol several provisional psychologists into the program?

    We are very happy to offer a discount for group bookings of more than 3 participants. Please contact us with any enquiries (the contact us link is at the top of this page)

  • What if I don't find the program useful?

    I am sure you will! But if for whatever reason you don't, and because of the nature of the program (I deliver you all the course materials as soon as you pay), you'll have 24 hours to look at the content and make sure you like my teaching style. After that, no refunds will be given.

4+2 Toolkit Available Now!

Are you ready to get organised and start ticking off those competencies?